Pictures of Bodie, California

Photos of Bodie, CaliforniaBodie is a ghost town in the hills just north of Mono Lake, Eastern California. The town bloomed when gold was discovered nearby and by 1880 the population had risen to over 2,700. However, bust soon followed boom and the population plummeted around the turn of the century. Recognised as a National Historic Landmark, the ghost town is maintained in a state of “arrested decay” to preserve the town in its current condition. Known in particular for its abandoned 1937 Chevrolet coupe, the town is a fascinating reminder of America’s mining history and just how quickly boom can turn to bust. You will notice that the black and white photographs of Bodie below have interesting characteristics, with very dark skies and an ethereal glow; they were shot in infrared using Kodak HIE film.

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Photographs of Bodie, California