Pictures of Death Valley, California

Photos of Death Valley, California

Death Valley is a desert valley in Eastern California and is all about extremes. Badwater Basin boasts the point of lowest elevation in North America, at 282 feet below sea level, while Telescope Peak soars to over 11,000 feet. Furthermore, Furnace Creek holds the record for the highest reported air temperature, at 134°F. The landscape is maybe as extreme as the climate. Salt flats, sand dunes, amazing geology and endless desert highways are the hallmarks of this remarkable location. One of the most noteworthy sites is The Racetrack, where rocks mysteriously move unseen by the human eye, leaving a trail to tease those that seek to better understand this phenomenon. Just outside the boundaries of Death Valley, in the Bullfrog Hills of Nevada, is the fascinating ghost town of Rhyolite. The town enjoyed a boom in the early 20th century but was almost deserted by 1920 and fell into ruin. The remains are presented here in black and white infrared.

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Photographs of Death Valley